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      1.2 **全自動液壓壓磚機的操作主要集中在輕觸鍵盤上。參數通過SIEMENS-OP37(德國西門子公司)設置和修改, 自動操作及各種參數的設定和修改。 報警畫面的自動彈出, 可使操作人員和維修人員很快 知道故障原因, 縮短了維修時間。

      1.3 **全自動液壓壓磚機電氣系統主要器件均選自國內外大公司產品。例如,SCHNEIDER(施耐得)、SIEMENS(西門子)、
      MITSUBISHI(三菱)、力士樂、 OMRON(歐姆龍)、TUCK(圖爾克)、Weidmüller(魏德米勒)等,由于上述公司產品的選用,

      1.4 本說明書適用于**壓機全系列產品。





      1.2 Operation of the ** Full-automatic Hydraulic Press is carried out mostly on the slight-touching keyboard. Parameters can be set and modified through SIEMENS-OP37 (SIEMENS, Germany), automatic operation and setting and modifying of various parameters. Warning graphics automatically appears, insuring operation and maintenance personnel know the reason of the malfunction immediately, thus reducing maintenance time.
      1.3 The major components of the electric system of ** Full-automatic Hydraulic Press adopt products from well-known companies at home and abroad, such as SCHNEIDER, SIEMENS, MITSUBISHI, LISHILE, OMRON, TUCK, Weidmüller, etc. All these products guarantee reliability during the system’s life span.
      1.4 The instruction manual is applicable to all ** Press series.

      5.3 The display screen should be kept free of scratches (untrimmed nails, screwdrivers, etc.), and kept clean at all times.
      5.4 After replacing the modules, you need to reset “Unfilling Lowest” parameter, and proximity switch of crossbeam lower limit.
      5.5 In case of problems in the electric system, the operation personnel shall ask help from electric maintenance staff.
      5.6 During mechanical maintenance, the state select switch SA2 of the hydraulic press should be turned to “SETUP” and guarded by designated person to prevent misoperation.
      5.7 Open main power supply (Observe “operation panel” display and listen to the warning sound. If there is no display and no warning, there may be a control breaker tripping. Disposal way: Open the control cabinet and close the breaker).

      Required environment for the electric-control equipment:
      1) Install the equipment below 1000 meters above sea level;
      2) Ambient Temperature: Max. +40℃, Min. -20℃;
      3) Relative Humidity: not to exceed 95% (indoor temperature 25℃);
      4) No conductive dust and corrosive gas which may destroy metal and insulation;
      5) In a position with no possibility of explosion;
      6) Without shaking. Vertical gradient must not exceed 5℃.

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